Email A/B Testing: What It Is, and Why Should You Do It

What components can be tested in an A/B test?

Objective: The objective is to test open rates on two different email subject lines to a list of 10,000 that has a normal average open rate of 22% in the first 48 hours after send.

Timeframe: In this scenario, you would want to wait at least 48 hours and make sure your control email’s open rate has reached approximately 22% before closing the test window in order to accurately compare subject line version B.

Objective: The objective is to test conversion rates on two different coupon offers to that same list, which normally has a click-through rate of 1.5% and conversion rate of 0.7% after 3 days.

Timeframe: In this scenario, your total test timeframe would need to be at least 3 days for you to compare conversion rates. If your click-through rate is lower than average, you may need to run another test in order to get a more statistically significant

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