Support your customers with Helpdesk.

Deliver 24/7 support with our Helpdesk software.

Kartra’s dashboard is more than just a service desk. Unlock comprehensive metrics for every facet of your marketing strategy in one place.

Access a secure, self billing portal.

Billing support is always one of the busiest help departments: updating expired credit cards, issuing refunds, downloading invoices, canceling subscriptions, etc. 

We know it, and you know it, too.

Luckily, Kartra Helpdesks can take some of that burden off your shoulders!

Kartra’s 256-bit encrypted, self-billing portal allows your customers to have access to their transaction history, update their credit cards, and manage their own billing needs. Rest assured, you will get notifications of every activity in case you need to step in.


Get Wiki: your best support agent.

Funnel tickets by department
Your content can be organized in categories and subcategories, so browsing through your Wiki is a breeze.

Easy to find
Kartra’s accurate keyword-matching algorithm will prompt the most relevant articles to every Wiki search. Your users will find exactly what they’re looking for, every time.

Related articles
Sometimes the first article won’t answer all your questions. Or perhaps you might want to dig a little deeper. Every article and search query will display related support material just in case.

Let your users tell you if your support material is helpful. Mostly thumbs up? Keep going! Unhappy ratings? You have some work to do!


Discover Kartra’s magic floating bubble.

Introducing the Floating Support Button – a dynamic tool that adds an interactive touch to your website. 

Configure a personalized welcome or sales message in a stylish floating bubble. Take control of when this message appears: instantly upon landing, after a few seconds, midway through scrolling – the choice is yours.


Get in depth analytics.

Optimize your peak hours

Get ready for your support requests rush hour and proactively prepare your support team for the incoming surge with Kartra Helpdesk

Provide swift support

Track how efficiently your team addresses tickets – from initial response to successful resolution. Speedy support leads to satisfied customers!

Fine-tune your team’s performance

Kartra Helpdesk provides insights into departmental and agent ticket management. Stay informed and ensure each team member has the support they need to excel.

Gain customer satisfaction insights

Kartra Helpdesk helps you gauge customer satisfaction by understanding when inquiries are successfully resolved and when improvements are needed

Navigate user needs with Wiki insights

Kartra Helpdesk analyzes Wiki search keywords, revealing what your users need most help with. All so you can stay informed and relevant to your audience.

Enhance your knowledge base with Wiki ratings

Kartra Helpdesk’s Wiki Ratings is a user-friendly way to identify areas for improvement, ensuring your knowledge base remains a valuable resource.

Kartra’s Helpdesk key features.

Streamlined, ready-made responses

Embed your frequently used replies directly into your conversations to maintain consistency throughout your communication.

Funnel tickets by department

Maximize efficiency with automation by directing tickets to the right teams with Kartra’s intuitive system so that you can quickly resolve issues.

Easy collaboration

Work together in real time, share insights, and provide top-notch care with Kartra Helpdesk’s multi-agent collaboration.

Provide uninterrupted support with offline tickets

Capture inquiries, assign tickets, develop workflows, and stay connected with your customers 24/7 even if your team is offline.

Get instant connection with live chat

Kartra Helpdesk allows you to download chat logs, ensure transparency, and provide valuable insights for team training.

Downloadable chat logs

Access and download comprehensive chat logs effortlessly, ensuring even more valuable data insights for team training and operational improvement.

Get feedback that drives improvement

Let your customers express their satisfaction and provide insights that propel your support team towards continuous enhancement.

Tailor your support experience

Customize the look and feel of your support system with a standalone page or a floating slide-out.

Provide 100% mobile optimized support

Kartra Helpdesk ensures a seamless support experience on mobile devices, enabling your team to provide exceptional service on the go.

Join 60,000 coaches and content creators thriving with Kartra.

Kartra lets me build products, pages, and offers quickly. I’ve earned $24,000 since joining four months ago. It’s been a game changer!
Antonio Martinez
The Helpdesk is amazing! Our entire team is trained on it. It’s super intuitive from the canned responses you can upload into it, to the ticketing system, feedback, and all the different things that customers can leave you. We use that all the time.
Blake Nubar
Business Consultant
I sent 204,000 emails with Kartra last month. Their deliverability is excellent and their all-in-one system is unmatched in the industry.
Susan Harrow
Media Trainer + Marketing Strategist

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