Engage your audience with surveys & quizzes.

Our survey & quiz tools let you know your audience inside and out.

An integrated platform for more than just quizzes.

Gain deep insights into audience behavior and leverage advanced automation to make surveys and quizzes a powerful engagement tool. With personalized follow-ups and tailored experiences, Kartra enhances every aspect of survey and quiz-making. Benefit from detailed analytics and unified branding to make strategic, data-informed decisions. With Kartra, elevate your quizzes and surveys to a strategic level for impactful results.

Create automations from quiz results.

Branched survey paths

Pre-determine a user’s survey path based on their answers. This allows you to segment and profile respondents better.

Auto-tag leads

Trigger a tag based on a person’s survey answers, quiz scores, or response to one specific question.

Track all answers

Check the responses of everyone who answered the survey or quiz – even if they chose to answer anonymously or didn’t finish the survey at all.

Create multiple success messages

Customize each person’s end result page based on score and responses. For quizzes, you can create DFY certificates when students reach certain scores.


Customize your quiz experience.

Choose conversational vs. traditional

Display all questions at once. All the necessary fields, questions, etc. Your users will navigate through the survey or quiz in a vertical manner.

Use multi-step or conversational

Your users will complete the survey one step at a time. This mimics a one-on-one survey where the respondents need to answer the first question before moving to the second until they finish the survey. The navigation experience is horizontal rather than vertical.

Create surveys your audience will love

Know whether your audience wants single-step or multi-step surveys based on Katra’s real-time reporting. You’ll discover what are your best performing surveys and which kind gets the most responses.


Gain instant survey and quiz insights at a glance.

Track every answer, response, and score in real time.

Analyze survey engagement

Dive into comprehensive analytics to uncover key metrics — track the number of survey visitors, gauge completion rate percentages, and pinpoint the average time taken for completion.

Condense survey insights

Effortlessly summarize responses from your surveys or quizzes. With just one click, gain a holistic view of overall survey results across all leads, including average response rates, percentage scores, and average completion times.

Uncover individual responses

Explore lead-by-lead reporting capabilities. For surveys, read individual responses from each lead. For quizzes, scrutinize each lead’s answers to identify specific strengths and weaknesses, providing a tailored approach to each student.

Streamline data sharing

Facilitate collaboration by easily sharing analytics and results. Download a comprehensive CSV document to have all of your data in one spot. This allows your team to analyze feedback or customers to view their responses.

Kartra’s quiz maker key features.

Build surveys in minutes

Effortlessly craft captivating surveys with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Create visually stunning surveys within minutes, making the process simple, interactive, and efficient.

Get easy, results-driven automation

Initiate powerful email sequences, automation, and tagging by leveraging survey results or individual answers. Let Kartra’s interactive automation work for you, turning insights into actionable strategies.

Comprehensive data analytics

Dive into comprehensive data analytics with Kartra. Evaluate results at a high-level overview or delve into everyone’s answers to each question, even for those who responded anonymously or didn’t finish the survey. Our analytics empower you with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Optimized for precise insights

Craft targeted survey routes based on respondents’ answers or profiles. By asking only relevant questions, you not only enhance the user experience but also increase the likelihood of survey completion.

Gain insights from traditional surveys

Uncover valuable data effortlessly with our Traditional Survey feature. Time-tested methodology meets intuitive design for insightful results.

Gamify learning, measure success

Transform engagement into a game with our Scored Quiz feature. Encourage participation, measure knowledge, and elevate learning experiences.

Explore limitless exploration & insights

No question left unasked – unlock the power of Unlimited Questions. Dive deep into comprehensive surveys for unparalleled insights.

Visuals that speak louder

Enhance your surveys and quizzes effortlessly with high-resolution images and videos. Let visuals tell your story with crystal-clear impact.

Smart organization, seamless integration

Automatically organize leads with precision using our Auto-Tag Leads feature. Streamline your workflow and ensure no opportunity goes unnoticed.

Join 60,000 content creators and coaches thriving with Kartra.

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