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Appointment scheduling made easy.

Connect effortlessly with our appointment scheduling software.

Kartra isn’t just for online appointment scheduling. You’re integrating your entire business workflow
from email marketing to membership services in one dynamic dashboard.

Simplify your tailored scheduling.

Unlimited hosts/coaches
From solo consultants to bustling schools with multiple staff members, scale your calendar as needed. Whether it’s just you or a dozen teachers and classes, Kartra adapts to your structure.

Define your availability
As the admin, set your available dates and hours according to your preferences. Everyone deserves lunch breaks and vacation time, especially you!

Session flexibility
Offer one-offs, recurring meetings, or multi-day events. Kartra Calendars gives you the ease of use to set up any kind of appointment or event.

Calendar sync in real time.

Seamless two-way updates
Kartra Calendars ensure instant updates between your Kartra Calendar and Google Calendar. Enjoy synchronized schedules without overlaps or inconsistencies.

Individualized integrations
Each team member can integrate their own calendar into Kartra. With separate integrations for multiple hosts or coaches managing different classes, their calendars remain distinct and organized even when their scheduling process is different.

Set reminder notifications.

Instant registration confirmation
Receive real-time updates in your scheduling system with all the registration details as soon as a user signs up. Simultaneously, they’ll automatically receive all essential event information.

Pre and post-event alerts
Automate your pre-session email reminders and post-session follow-ups to save you valuable time.

Updates on cancellations and reschedules
Keep everyone informed in real-time when a session is canceled or rescheduled through immediate calendar updates.

Easily create both free and paid appointments.

PCI compliance
Run your business your way with flexibility at your fingertips.

For free online bookings, customize your registration form effortlessly using our templates. Add tailored fields like “Years of Experience” to streamline the process.

It’s simple if you prefer charging for your time. Our integrated Kartra Calendars and Checkouts enable you to collect payments seamlessly. Your client selects an available slot, and a secure payment form appears right within the calendar.

Manage existing customers.

Custom, customer-centric solutions

Tailored Pricing and Coupons

Respond to customer needs by offering a temporary discount during their subscriptions or shifting them to a different price tier for better satisfaction.

Flexible Payment Schedules

Grant extensions for payment option deadlines when customers need a little more time to fulfill their monthly memberships.

Effortless Payment Management

Easily update or modify customer credit card details through our secure portal. Kartra ensures minimal churn by notifying customers in advance of expiring cards.

Pause Subscriptions Temporarily

Allow customers to temporarily freeze their subscription if they’re not ready to use your services yet, helping them return when ready.

Kartra’s key appointment scheduling


Real-time booking management

Say goodbye to double-bookings with Kartra’s user friendly Calendars. When a time slot gets filled, it’s automatically blocked for all other users.

Dynamic time zone conversion

Switch time zones hassle-free. Kartra Calendars update to your chosen time zone, and the system geo-locates your clients and displays the appointments in their local time.

Embed into any page

Conveniently schedule appointments with Kartra Calendars that seamlessly integrate into any webpage, membership, or pop-up, courtesy of our customizable drag-and-drop widget web page builder.

Mobile, tablet, computer… all supported!

Kartra’s Calendar adjusts flawlessly for various devices, browsers, and operati¬ng systems like iOS for optimal functionality and better customer experience.

One calendar command center

Effortlessly manage your schedule from a single interface with Kartra’s unified calendar system.

Automatically update appointments

Stay organized with automatic updates to your appointments so your schedule remains current and accurate.

Instant access to each client’s history

Access comprehensive client history instantly, allowing for personalized interactions and informed appointments.

Free and paid appointments

Offer both free and paid appointments to provide flexible options for your clients.

Watch rates vs. drop out rates

Monitor appointment success with real-time insights on booking page rates versus drop-out rates.

Craft your calendars for 

your business needs.

Video marketing insights

From play button clicks to audience retention rates, every valuable video metric is right at your fingertips for better customer support.

Engagement analysis

Track how viewers respond to your call-to-actions, whether it’s filling forms or making purchases.

Understanding viewer behavior

Kartra tracks individual interactions, revealing who watched, who completed the video, and their engagement level. It’s the power of personalized insights

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