Analytics to help you learn & optimize.

Track your metrics in one glance with our marketing analytics software.

Gain quality leads from your landing pages. Then streamline your workflow with a lead management process designed to boost your sales cycle. Measure and optimize for the ideal user journey that drives the highest revenue potential.

Gain income insight.

Sales analytics
Easily break down your sales data sources by timeframes or categories, such as the number of website visitors to your checkout pages, total sales and rebills, refund rates, cancellations, and total revenue

Affiliate analytics
Simplify web analytics affiliate tracking with Kartra’s automated system, which keeps records of affiliate sales and commissions. Make adjustments to affiliate commissions, links, or individual transactions with just a few clicks. 

Transaction analytics
Kartra provides comprehensive transaction insights for each product you sell. Access transaction data analysis effortlessly and filter data to view specific transaction types.

Optimize email with analytics.

Opens, Clicks, and Conversions
Gain valuable insights into your marketing campaign performance. Discover whether your leads are actively engaging with your emails and if your email marketing channel is driving sales.

Optimal send times
Kartra’s CRM helps you determine the best days of the week and times of day for sending emails to maximize open rates and conversions.

Unsubscriptions and spam complaints
Identify email campaigns that may be contributing to higher unsubscription and spam complaint rates to maintain a high delivery rate.

Revenue metrics
Track the profitability of your segmentation email marketing efforts with key metrics such as revenue per email, revenue per newsletter recipient, and revenue per click.

Review subscription analytics.

Form analytics
Gain quick access to vital data collection for all your forms, including visitor counts, subscriptions, pending subscriptions, and opt-in ratios, all conveniently consolidated in one location.

Membership analytics
Review your active and inactive members, along with average retention rates for your selected membership levels, subscription and unsubscription counts, and insights into the average progression through your membership content.

Unleash the power of real-time funnel analytics.

See all of your analytics in a data visualization map
Track performance across all domains, social accounts, and platforms in one streamlined location – and in real-time.

Identify bottlenecks… fast
See how your leads flow between steps and where they fall off with custom reports. Fine-tune your funnel for better results.

Maximize your earnings
Find out where your leads are coming from and how much they’re worth. Scale your growth based on your core customer behavior.

Gain insights on your leads.

Get a complete overview of your customer’s profile and history at a glance.

Unlimited product sales

Sell a wide range of products or services — digital, physical, memberships, training courses, and more.

Diverse pricing options

Offer various price points and payment methods — single payment, recurring, or installment plans — for each product.

Stunning checkout designs

Create irresistible product pages and optimize checkouts with expertly designed templates for enhanced conversions.

Effortless operation

No learning curve — simply select, customize, and publish in minutes. It’s that easy.

Universal device support

Kartra ensures a seamless visual experience on all devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Compliance and terms

Easily include mandatory terms, GDPR compliance checkboxes, and other required agreements.

Kartra’s marketing analytics software key features.

Real-time funnel analytics

Monitor the performance of your funnels, track visitor behavior, and analyze conversions as they happen.

Funnel simulator

Visualize and streamline your marketing funnel workflow. Create and test different funnel scenarios to understand how they will perform.

Traffic & conversion analytics

Get in-depth insights into your website traffic and conversion rates and understand where you can make improvements.

Email analytics

Monitor open rates, click-through rates, and engagement metrics. Then refine your email marketing strategy for better results.

A/B testing

Compare different variations to see what works best and make data-driven decisions for higher conversions.

Affiliate analytics

Track the activities and conversions driven by your affiliates to reward them accordingly and refine your affiliate marketing strategy.

Membership analytics

Measure your membership site user behavior to ensure your membership platform meets their needs effectively.

Helpdesk analytics

Understand response times, ticket resolution rates, and customer satisfaction to continuously improve your support operations.

Subscription analytics

Monitor subscriber numbers, churn rates, and revenue for decision making informed by your subscription business model.

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Marketing analytics FAQs

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