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Simulate advanced, self-driving sales funnels within

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comprehensive marketing.

Funnel mapping is just the start. Kartra’s comprehensive toolkit encompasses everything from CRM to
email marketing, all in one platform.

Visually plan your strategy with Funnel Mapper.

Map out and connect

You can drag-and-drop all pages and assets that are part of your strategy and connect them freely on an open canvas.

Design with existing assets

You can represent each asset with existing ones, yet to be created placeholders, or external pages.

Structure conversion flows

Decide what actions users must take to reach the next step of your conversion funnel.

Track every conversion step

Add relevant tags, subscribe leads to various lists to further engage with them, and/or send personalized emails to help increase conversions.


Test your best strategies with Funnel Simulator​.

Simulate your entire funnel

See if the potential sales, costs, and ROI in your funnel will hit industry benchmark numbers.

Analyze your numbers

Get decision-making information by getting a breakdown of your revenue per visitor, revenue per lead, cost per visitor, cost per lead, and overall ROI.

Determine your KPIs

Know exactly the conversion rates to hit, product prices to teak, and traffic numbers to generate.


Share marketing funnels.

Share visual maps

Show your best performing marketing funnels (and their projections) to customers or clients by sending them a dedicated funnel map page.

Export on demand

Get the entire funnel in a PDF format and easily share with team members, clients, and even customers.

Sell marketing funnels

You have the option to sell your funnel map inside Kartra’s marketplace. Kartra will handle the payment and delivery automatically.


Kartra’s funnel mapping key features.

Experience effortless funnel mapping

Unleash your creativity on an open canvas, effortlessly drag-and-drop your marketing funnel strategy, and gain insights into potential outcomes at each step within minutes.

Unlock targeted customer experiences

Visualize the power of segmentation and customer tagging throughout the funnel to optimize sales and craft an unforgettable customer journey.

Create funnels seamlessly

In Kartra, everything is interconnected. Design your emails, pages, and checkout seamlessly within the funnel you’ve envisioned. You can do it all in just a few clicks.

Simulate funnels and projections

Project the impact of your assets on costs and revenue at a glance. The Funnel Simulator Chart in Kartra allows you to create insightful projections for informed decision-making.

Manage sequences, tags, and lists effortlessly

Subscribe, unsubscribe, and seamlessly move leads across different lists, sequences, or tags as they progress through the sales funnel, giving you unparalleled control over your customer engagement.

Collaborate with funnel maps and simulations

Present, share, or even sell your meticulously mapped funnels and simulations. Whether it’s via PDF format, a dedicated funnel map page, or through the Kartra Marketplace, Kartra empowers you to showcase your strategic brilliance.

Masterful funnel mapping for
seamless business integration.

Kartra’s funnel mapping is incredibly powerful, allowing you to effortlessly visualize and optimize customer journeys. But its true strength lies in seamless integration with a full suite of business tools within the Kartra ecosystem. This comprehensive approach ensures smooth operations, harmonizing funnels with email marketing, lead management, and analytics, streamlining your business management experience.

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