AI writing assistant: your productivity powerhouse.

Supercharged copy from an AI that knows your brand.

Beat writer’s block for good.

Kartra AI writes on-brand content in seconds.

Meet your new writing assistant, trained on your business.

Sick of staring at a blank page? Introducing Kartra AI! This powerful new feature allows you to generate personalized copy that understands your brand, audience, and business goals. Best of all, it writes content quicker than you can prepare your morning cup of coffee.

Kartra AI: your competitive advantage.

Boost productivity

Spend less time writing and more time growing your business.

Save time & money

Forget writer’s block – get first drafts in seconds without the need for expensive copywriters.

Increase conversions

Craft targeted content that resonates with your audience.

Maintain brand consistency

Ensure all your content reflects your brand’s unique voice and tone.

Kartra AI key features.

Craft personalized copy in seconds

Set your brand voice, target audience, and business goals. Kartra AI uses this knowledge to generate personalized copy tailored to your needs.

Effortless email & SMS campaigns

Generate high-converting email broadcasts, SMS reminders, and landing pages with headlines and copy that resonate with your audience.

AI-powered pages

Never start from scratch again. Generate full pages or write section-by-section, letting AI fill in the gaps with compelling copy.

Seamless integration

Kartra AI works seamlessly within Kartra Pages and Broadcasts to help create content that converts.

Thank you to our clients for sharing their wins!

It used to take me a few hours to create copy for my email sequences or landing page content. Now, it takes just a few minutes. With Kartra AI, all I do is re-read what it wrote and customize a little.

Stefano Benvenuti, Digital Creator

Kartra AI helps you get the words you need when you don’t quite have them yourself. Just ask it for what you need – and the tone you want it in – and the beginning of something wonderful will be added directly to your page or email!

Jessica Scotten, Marketer

Kartra AI is like having a genius assistant in your pocket. Just give it a prompt and boom! It writes page sections and emails like a pro.

Danielle Doucette, Coach & Consultant

Kartra AI FAQs

What makes Kartra AI unique?
How do I write a prompt?
How do I know if the AI content is accurate?
Is there an additional fee for using Kartra AI?