Build landing pages that convert.

Our easy to use landing page builder lets you create stunning pages in minutes.

Boost conversions with Kartra’s
all-in-one simplicity.

Kartra isn’t just the best landing page builder. With email marketing tools, online store capabilities, and a seamless workflow, it’s the best business software for everything. Discover the advantage of using Kartra’s all-in-one platform.

With every tool integrated, you’ll streamline your process without the hassle of managing separate accounts. Sync data effortlessly and watch your conversions soar.

Build your vision with custom landing pages.

Social media integrations

Our intuitive drag-and-drop editor lets you effortlessly integrate social media into your landing page design with Kartra’s customizable widgets.

Landing pages, exit intents, and informative pop-ups

Retain user attention and provide valuable information at key moments. Kartra’s drag-and-drop builder simplifies landing page creation without sacrificing quality.

Action buttons and symbols

Make your good landing page great with action buttons and symbols that guide your visitors towards your desired actions.

Save time with ready-made templates.

Don’t fancy diving into design? No problem. Kartra offers 100+ stunning pre-designed templates to whip up a page in minutes.

From lead captures to sales, checkout, video, webinar, coming soon, and blog pages, we’ve got you covered. Find the perfect template for your industry, all expertly crafted to convert by marketing experts.

Create forms that convert.

Lead capture forms

The cornerstone of list building, our lead capture forms let you customize call-to-action (CTA) fields and auto-fill information for returning visitors.

Checkout forms

A seamless and user-friendly checkout form can significantly impact your sales. Kartra Pages offers two types: a straightforward single-step form or a multi-step option for added convenience.

Optimize your pages for each visitor.

Tag-based content

Enhance conversions by customizing content for specific segmentations, like gender, with Kartra Pages automatically displaying relevant sections.

History-based content

Showcase the right health products based on purchase history—advanced marketing campaign options for repeat customers, starter packs for new ones.

List-based content

Grow your email marketing mailing list effortlessly. Kartra Pages detects subscribed visitors and adjusts the display of sign-up forms, avoiding unnecessary repetition.

Maintain your domain presence.

Host on Kartra

Don’t have a domain? No worries. Kartra hosts your pages at no cost. You’ll receive a unique subdomain like

Publish to your domain

Prefer your brand on your custom domain or a WordPress blog? Kartra’s One-Click-Push feature swiftly publishes your pages to your domain. No uploads, no file edits, no FTP hassle — just a single click to go live.

Create complete websites.

Consistent menus and footers

Implement unified header and footer menus across your entire site. Any additions or changes automatically reflect across all pages.

Uniform styles

Maintain consistent branding by applying the same logo, colors, and custom styles to every page within your site. Let your site speak with a unified identity.

Unified tracking codes

A single paste of your tracking code applies it universally across your site — no more repetitive pasting for each page.

Enhanced SEO

Improve your SEO ranking by presenting your entire site cohesively to search engines like Google, rather than just segmented pages.

Creators use Kartra to do and earn more.

Everything you need to launch your business online.

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Kartra’s landing page builder key

Extensive template library

Choose from over 500 professionally designed landing page templates, all meticulously crafted to ensure 100% mobile responsiveness.

Customization made easy

Experience our intuitive visual interface with drag-and-drop functionality. Modify every on-page element.

Native form builder

Craft compelling forms with ease and capture leads seamlessly into Kartra’s all-in-one ecosystem.

Streamlined checkout pages

Seamlessly connect your pages to Kartra Membership sites with a single click and create a harmonious user journey.

Effective upselling tools

Drive revenue by implementing powerful upselling strategies. Customers are more likely to buy something else at checkout, so make the most of that.

Dynamic pop-ups

Engage visitors at crucial moments with impactful pop-ups. Welcome guests, win back visitors when they’re about to leave, and streamline your main page with “show more” pop-ups.

Effortless A/B testing

Optimize conversions with easy-to-use A/B testing features. Create up to four split tests at a time and allocate the traffic how you want.

Instant domain publishing

Set diverse pricing options – one-time, recurring, or installments for each product – and effortlessly publish your pages to your domain with a single click.

Comprehensive analytics

Leverage Kartra’s advanced analytics tools to track page visits, time spent on pages, and user devices. Use heatmaps to dive deeper into the analytics.

Earn more with A/B split testing.

Test. Learn. Win.

Multiple page versions

Kartra Pages conducts split tests using up to four distinct page versions per campaign. Feel confident in testing several variants at once.

Custom traffic allocation

Choose how traffic is split across versions — no need for a standard 50/50 split. Tailor the rotation percentages to suit your campaign’s needs.

Track goal achievement

Set specific campaign goals such as sign-ups, orders, or revenue. Kartra assesses the winning version based on these defined parameters.

Certainty ratio algorithm

Our exclusive Certainty Ratio algorithm ensures statistically relevant results by analyzing visitor patterns and goal deltas, providing a confident decision-making optimization tool for your split tests.

Thank you to our clients for sharing their wins!

“Other platforms gave me headaches but Kartra makes my life easier. The word I would use to describe it is simplicity. I can create anything quickly and easily, which is so valuable to me.”
Simon Lovell
Coach, Founder of Picklepreneurs
Kartra helps me reach small businesses and make a difference. I own 3 BNI Chapters and my members passed $10 million in referrals last year!
Steve Black
Networking Expert
“We can build out sales pages, email marketing, campaign sales funnels, whatever we need, and we can package that up… ready to go.”
Louise Henry
Tech Expert & Online Business Strategist

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