Simplify sign-ups with our form builder.

Optimize your growth with our streamlined opt-in forms.

Streamline your business
with integration.

Kartra isn’t just an online form builder. It’s the nucleus of your entire workflow.

Create tailored fields.

In-depth profiling
Craft specific fields to capture tailored user information: income range, education level, family size, and more. This refined data collection empowers precise marketing strategies.

Versatile field options
Text inputs, drop-down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes — customize fields to match your requirements precisely. And no code skills necessary.

Automated personalization
Imagine setting a dropdown for income range. When users select “over $150,000 annually,” tag them as “high net worth.” Then, enroll them in the “Luxury Lifestyle” list for targeted promotions of exclusive high-end products.


Place your forms anywhere.

Embedded forms
Blend seamlessly into your content for a natural, integrated appearance.

Pop-up forms
Grab attention with an immediate call-to-action through a dedicated window.

Slide-in forms
Elegantly slide from the page’s edge, offering a non-disruptive yet effective approach.

Peek-a-boo forms
Subtly emerge from the bottom-right corner for a more understated presence.


Kartra’s form builder key features.

Custom branding

Personalize your forms with your brand’s identity. Customize colors, fonts, and styles to align perfectly with your overall brand image, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Choose your form placement

Enjoy flexibility in placing forms anywhere you want — within pages, videos, or fully integrated into your website.

Embed in videos, or your own site

Effortlessly embed various types of forms into web pages, videos, or your website. 

Your own custom fields

Tailor forms to gather specific information from your audience with customizable fields that suit your unique data collection needs.

Single vs. double opt-in

Opt for either single or double opt-in form submissions based on your subscriber engagement strategy with the click of a button.

Dozens of templates

Choose from a diverse range of template use cases like registration forms, contact forms, feedback forms, and order forms that suit different purposes and industries.

Ease of use

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies form creation and customization. It’s just that simple.

All device support

With Kartra, your forms will provide a seamless experience, whether accessed on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Analytics on conversions

Track metrics to understand user behavior and optimize your forms for better conversion rates – no spreadsheets needed.

Build forms effortlessly.

Craft professional forms seamlessly without a designer.

Tailored form templates for every taste

Choose from over 50 dynamic designs, various layouts, and color schemes, ensuring there’s a perfect match for your style.

Seamless brand integration

Easily incorporate your custom logo and preferred color palette into the form design for a consistent brand experience.

Conversion-optimized designs

Beyond aesthetics, our templates are engineered to drive conversions, so your success goes beyond just looking good.

Effortless editing and publishing

Simple and intuitive — browse, select, edit, and launch in minutes with our drag-and-drop designer tool.

Grow on any device

Kartra Forms shine across all devices. Your visitors will have a seamless experience whether on mobile, tablet, or computer.

Compliance convenience

Implement mandatory terms, GDPR checkboxes, HIPAA restrictions, and other compliance essentials effortlessly within your forms.

Elevate your brand with tailored templates

Kartra’s template library isn’t just about designs. It’s your canvas to craft a unique custom form experience. Personalize templates effortlessly with your brand colors, logos, and fonts. Make sure your brand shines through every interaction with consistency.

Join 20,000+ entrepreneurs and small businesses thriving with Kartra.

Kartra lets me build products, pages, and offers quickly. I’ve earned $24,000 since joining four months ago. It’s been a game changer!

Antonio Martinez

Kartra helps me reach small businesses and make a difference. I own 3 BNI Chapters and my members passed $10 million in referrals last year!

Steve Black
Networking Expert

I sent 204,000 emails with Kartra last month. Their deliverability is excellent and their all-in-one system is unmatched in the industry.

Susan Harrow
Media Trainer + Marketing Strategist

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