Lead management software that works for you.

Turn prospects into customers with our powerful CRM.

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Gain quality leads from your landing pages. Then streamline your workflow with a lead management process designed to boost your sales cycle. That’s the functionality power of Kartra’s CRM software.

Track their journey.

Each lead has a unique story to share, and Kartra documents every touchpoint, creating a detailed timeline in your sales pipeline for better lead nurturing.

Gather crucial insights
Understand your typical user’s behavior: from their site entry and browsing patterns to their exit, clicks, and journey from sign-up to checkout.

Validate your strategy
As you design a sales funnel and web forms, observe how users navigate it, confirming if they follow the intended path.

Identify obstacles
Use lead tracking to detect any deviations or hiccups in the user flow, spotting and addressing potential obstacles or broken links.


Enhance your tagging and lead evaluation.

Custom tagging
Label your leads with tailored tags — free prospects, VIPs, or cold leads. Target specific groups with forecasting precision, sending exclusive email campaigns to VIPs or warming up cold leads through tailored sequences.

Scoring leads
Think of lead scoring as a way to measure lead quality. For instance, assign 5 points per product purchase and 2 points per checkout add-on. Automate actions like labeling VIPs for leads scoring above 15 points and exclusive event invitations for those exceeding 25 points.


Import your contacts easily to Kartra.

Already in business or using a competitor? Try us out and see the difference.

Easily import your contact database with all tags and lists intact. Just upload a file and voila! Your transition to Kartra will be swift and hassle-free.


Gain insights on your leads.

Get a complete overview of your customer’s profile and history at a glance.

Unlimited product sales

Sell a wide range of products or services — digital, physical, memberships, training courses, and more.

Diverse pricing options

Offer various price points and payment methods — single payment, recurring, or installment plans — for each product.

Stunning checkout designs

Create irresistible product pages and optimize checkouts with expertly designed templates for enhanced conversions.

Effortless operation

No learning curve — simply select, customize, and publish in minutes. It’s that easy.

Universal device support

Kartra ensures a seamless visual experience on all devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Compliance and terms

Easily include mandatory terms, GDPR compliance checkboxes, and other required agreements.

Kartra’s lead management system key features.

Import contacts

Effortlessly import your contacts into Kartra’s system from various sources, ensuring a unified database for streamlined management.

Sales funnel integration

Integrate lead management seamlessly within your sales funnels, aligning your marketing efforts and sales activities for optimized conversions.


Organize and segment your new leads efficiently with customizable tags, enabling targeted communication and personalized marketing strategies.

Scoring & routing

Assign scores to sales leads based on their interactions and behaviors and automatically route them to the most suitable sales or marketing paths.

Journey tracking

Track your leads’ journey in real time through your sales funnels and gain insights into their engagement levels. Then make informed decisions on how to improve the journey.

Conversion analytics

Gain comprehensive insights into lead conversion metrics, empowering data-driven strategies for improving lead generation and conversion rates.

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I sent 204,000 emails with Kartra last month. Their deliverability is excellent and their all-in-one system is unmatched in the industry.

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Media Trainer + Marketing Strategist

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