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Deciding on the right digital marketing software? In this comparison, we look at Kartra and ActiveCampaign, two leading platforms in digital marketing and automation.


Kartra offers a wide array of digital marketing tools for the entire customer funnel. Its suite includes sophisticated automations, email marketing, a comprehensive funnel builder, checkout pages, and an integrated customer support Helpdesk, providing a holistic solution for online business management.

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign excels in email marketing and automation but doesn’t offer the extensive range of business tools that Kartra does. While effective for targeted communication, it falls short in providing a full-scale, integrated business platform, often necessitating additional tools for complete functionality.

Kartra vs. Active Campaign tools for creating content

Active Campaign
Memberships and courses
Unlimited pages
Unlimited products
Interactive video features
Funnel mapping
Native surveys & quizzes
Native webinar integration

Memberships and Courses

Kartra supports memberships and courses, enhancing its utility for educational content. Active Campaign does not offer these features, focusing more on marketing and automation.

Unlimited Landing Pages

Both Kartra and Active Campaign provide unlimited landing pages, catering to extensive marketing campaigns and diverse web presences.


Forms are available on both platforms, aiding in lead capture and customer engagement.

Unlimited Products

Kartra allows the creation of unlimited products, ideal for businesses with a wide range of offerings. ActiveCampaign does not support this feature, instead allowing users to connect their third party store to its software.

Interactive Video Features

Kartra includes interactive video features, which are absent in ActiveCampaign, limiting its capability in engaging video content.

Funnels and Funnel Mapping 

Both platforms offer funnel creation, aiding in structured customer journey mapping. Funnel mapping is also supported by both softwares, allowing for strategic marketing planning.

Native Surveys & Quizzes 

Kartra provides native surveys and quizzes, while ActiveCampaign lacks these tools, reducing its versatility in interactive content creation.

Native Webinar Integration 

Kartra offers native webinar integration, a feature not available in ActiveCampaign, limiting its functionality for hosting live events.

Kartra vs. Active Campaign tools for digital marketing

Active Campaign
Lead capture
Lead management
Sales management
Funnels and campaigns
Unlimited email
Product coupons & upsells
Product downsells
Native SMS integration
Multi-Step checkout pages
Native calendar integration
Funnel simulation
Real-time funnel analytics

Lead Capture

Both Kartra and Active Campaign excel in lead capture, but Kartra’s integration with its other tools offers a more seamless experience for businesses looking to grow their customer base.

Lead Management

Effective lead management is key in both platforms, but Kartra offers a more integrated approach, aligning with its comprehensive marketing and sales tools.

Sales Management

Kartra’s inclusion of sales management tools provides an all-in-one solution for tracking sales processes, a distinct advantage over Active Campaign.

Funnels and Campaigns

Both platforms offer robust funnels and campaigns, but Kartra’s seamless integration with its other features makes for a more cohesive marketing strategy.

Unlimited Email

Kartra’s unlimited email capability is ideal for extensive marketing campaigns, a feature where Active Campaign falls short, potentially limiting the scale of email marketing.

Product Coupons and Upsells

Kartra’s ability to create coupons and upsells directly enhances sales strategies, a feature available with Active Campaign but only when linked with an additional ecommerce platform.

Product Downsells

Kartra’s downsells feature helps in maximizing sales opportunities, an advantage over Active Campaign, which lacks this functionality.

Native SMS Integration

Kartra’s native SMS integration expands communication channels, whereas Active Campaign’s SMS capabilities are only offered as an add-on, which costs an additional fee per month.

Multi-Step Checkout Pages

Kartra’s multi-step checkout pages enhance the customer purchasing experience, a feature not available in Active Campaign given that they do not have their own online store functionality.

Native Calendar Integration

The native calendar integration in Kartra aids in better organization and scheduling, a functionality missing from Active Campaign.

Funnel Simulation

Both Kartra and Active Campaign’s funnel simulation tool aids in effective marketing planning in order to discover ways to streamline sales.

Real-Time Funnel Analytics

Kartra’s real-time funnel analytics offer crucial insights for optimizing marketing strategies in real time, a significant advantage over Active Campaign.

Kartra vs. Active Campaign tools for scaling your business

Active Campaign
Course Analytics
Automated email sequences
Affiliate management
Helpdesk support
Helpdesk live chat

Course Analytics

Kartra offers course analytics, providing valuable insights for educators and course creators, while Active Campaign does not have this feature, since it does not include hosting online courses as a feature.

Automated Email Sequences

Both Kartra and Active Campaign excel in automated email sequences. Kartra integrates this with its wide array of marketing tools, while ActiveCampaign specializes in email automation.

Affiliate Management

Kartra includes affiliate management, expanding its utility for broader marketing strategies. Active Campaign lacks this feature, focusing more on email marketing to contacts.

Helpdesk Support and Live Chat

Kartra provides Helpdesk support, ensuring a comprehensive service for customers, a feature not available in Active Campaign. Kartra also offers Helpdesk live chat for real-time customer support, enhancing user experience. This is another area where Active Campaign falls short, limiting its customer support capabilities.

Kartra vs. Active Campaign advanced tools for larger businesses

Active Campaign
API access
Custom code page
Advanced automations
Agency capacity

Kartra and Active Campaign both offer API access, custom code pages, advanced automations, and agency capacity, showing their versatility in integrating with various systems and customizing marketing strategies.

The similarities in these features make both platforms strong contenders for businesses looking for advanced technical capabilities and agency management tools.

The choice between them would depend on other specific business needs and preferences, as these core functionalities are well-matched in both softwares.

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