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Does more than sales funnels and landing pages. It’s the all-in-one platform for online businesses. The fully integrated software has everything you need to create, market, and scale


ClickFunnels can create funnels for your online business, but their limited features make it difficult to scale. Paying for additional software costs more than Kartra.

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels tools for creating content

Memberships and courses
Unlimited pages
Landing page forms
Unlimited funnels
Unlimited products
Interactive video features
Funnel mapping
Native surveys & quizzes
Native webinar integration

When it comes to building robust marketing funnels, Kartra emerges as the better choice, offering an all-inclusive package with essential tools to engage your audience without the need for extra integrations or software.

Memberships and Courses

Both Kartra and ClickFunnels have memberships and courses. However, when it comes to building a comprehensive course platform, Kartra’s additional support for interactive video features sets it apart. ClickFunnels lacks these interactive video capabilities, making Kartra a better choice for engaging course content.

Funnel mapping

Kartra stands out in the funnel mapping arena, allowing you to visualize and plan your marketing strategies seamlessly. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, doesn’t offer this feature, making it more challenging to map out your funnels and strategies effectively.

Native surveys & quizzes, native webinar integration

Kartra has native support for surveys, quizzes, and webinar integration, providing a one-stop-shop for engaging your audience. ClickFunnels doesn’t provide these tools within its platform, requiring users to seek third-party integrations or additional software for these functionalities, making the process more complex.

Live webinars

Engage future customers and boost your profits. Boost attendee engagement and leave a lasting impression. Kartra’s powerful suite of in-webinar engagement tools allow you to interact directly with your attendees, ensuring that you captivate attention and make a mark. Plus, you can offer live event replays or recorded webinars even after the main event is over!

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels tools for digital marketing

Lead capture
Lead management
Sales management
Funnels and campaigns
Unlimited email
Product coupons & upsells
Product downsells
Multi-Step checkout pages
Native SMS integration
Native calendar integration
Funnel simulation
Real-time funnel analytics

While ClickFunnels provides a solid foundation for creating sales funnels, Kartra’s additional and more advanced features offer a wider array of tools to empower marketers with deeper insights, personalization, and optimization possibilities. These capabilities ultimately contribute to higher conversions, increased sales, and improved revenue generation.

Lead capture and management

Both Kartra and ClickFunnels offer efficient lead capture and management tools, allowing marketers to gather and organize leads effectively. These features enable marketers to build targeted lists and engage potential customers.

However, Kartra’s advantage lies in its additional features such as SMS integration, calendar integration, funnel simulation, and real-time analytics. These functionalities enable marketers to create more personalized and data-driven strategies, leading to higher conversion rates and ultimately increased revenue.

Sales management

Kartra and ClickFunnels both provide sales management capabilities to facilitate the sales process within funnels, including multi-step checkout pages.

This feature streamlines the purchasing process, reduces cart abandonment, and enhances the overall customer experience. The smoother and more intuitive buying process often translates to higher sales and revenue.

Email marketing and automation

Kartra and ClickFunnels both support email marketing and automation, crucial for nurturing leads and engaging customers. However, Kartra’s advantage lies in its robust automation tools.

With integrated SMS marketing and calendars, marketers using Kartra can streamline their texting campaigns and scheduling to save valuable time.

Product offers and upsells

Both platforms offer product coupons, upsells, and downsells within their funnels. These features enable marketers to incentivize purchases and increase the average order value.

However, Kartra’s advantage in offering a more comprehensive suite of tools, combined with its real-time funnel analytics, allows for more effective tracking of customer behavior within the funnel. This data-driven approach helps optimize upselling strategies, leading to more successful offers and increased revenue.

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels tools for scaling your business

Automated sequences
Customer affiliate program
Helpdesk support
Helpdesk live chat

Kartra and ClickFunnels share similarities in offering analytics and automated sequences, critical for analyzing funnel performance and automating marketing processes. However, Kartra stands out with its comprehensive Customer Affiliate Program, Helpdesk Support, and Helpdesk Live Chat features, providing a more encompassing and supportive environment for marketers.


Both platforms provide analytics tools to track funnel performance. Kartra and ClickFunnels offer essential analytics features, but Kartra’s analytics capabilities extend further, providing more comprehensive insights into user behavior, conversion metrics, and campaign performance. These deeper insights empower marketers to optimize their funnels more effectively, leading to better results and higher conversion rates.

Automated sequences

Kartra and ClickFunnels both support automated sequences, enabling marketers to automate various marketing tasks and communication with leads. While both platforms offer this feature, Kartra’s approach allows for more intricate automation and segmentation, allowing marketers to deliver more targeted and personalized messages. This level of granularity often leads to better engagement and increased conversions.

Customer affiliate program

Kartra shines with its Customer Affiliate Program, which empowers users to create and manage their affiliate programs seamlessly within the platform. ClickFunnels lacks this feature, potentially limiting the user’s ability to leverage customer networks to drive traffic and sales through affiliate marketing strategies. With Kartra’s built-in affiliate system, marketers can incentivize customers to promote their products, boosting reach and revenue potential.

Helpdesk support and live chat

Kartra offers comprehensive Helpdesk Support and Live Chat functionalities, facilitating real-time communication with customers. This helps in addressing queries promptly and providing immediate assistance throughout the customer journey. ClickFunnels doesn’t provide these features, potentially leading to challenges in customer support and engagement, which could impact user satisfaction and conversion rates negatively.

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels advanced tools for larger businesses

API access
Custom code page
Advanced automations
Agency capacity

While both platforms share some similar functionalities like API access and custom code pages, Kartra’s offering of Advanced Automations and Agency Capacity sets it apart as the preferred choice for marketers seeking more comprehensive automation capabilities and the ability to scale efficiently with larger teams for seamless marketing funnel creation and management.

API access

Both platforms grant API access, allowing users to integrate third-party applications and enhance functionality. While both Kartra and ClickFunnels offer API access, Kartra’s comprehensive API capabilities enable more robust integrations, facilitating a smoother workflow and enhanced flexibility in managing data across various systems.

Custom code page

Kartra and ClickFunnels enable users to leverage custom code pages for advanced customization. This feature is beneficial for marketers seeking personalized design elements and unique functionality within their funnels. Both platforms offer this capability, ensuring users can tailor their funnels to meet specific branding and functional requirements.

Advanced automations

Kartra stands out with its Advanced Automations, enabling users to create intricate and highly personalized automation sequences based on user behavior, interactions, and preferences. This level of sophistication in automations allows for more targeted and precise marketing efforts, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. ClickFunnels lacks this feature, limiting users’ ability to implement complex automated workflows.

Agency capacity

Kartra offers Agency Capacity, allowing larger teams to collaborate and work seamlessly within the platform. This feature supports multiple team members managing different aspects of marketing funnels, providing a more organized and efficient workflow. ClickFunnels doesn’t provide a similar feature, potentially limiting collaboration and scalability for larger marketing teams.

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Jody Jelas
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“As soon as I read about Kartra, I fell in love. My client went from $6K to $60K in just a few months after using it!”

Gonzalo Jimenez
Automation Consultant

“Other platforms gave me headaches. Kartra simplified my business and life. I love that I can tag customer engagement to reduce refunds and boost revenue.”

Simon Lovell
Executive Coach

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