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Trying to decide on the right digital payment software? In this comparison, we look at Kartra and ThriveCart, two of the leading platforms.


Kartra is an all-in-one platform tailored for entrepreneurs, course creators, and coaches who want to build, market, and sell online without the tech overwhelm.


ThriveCart is a powerful cart and checkout tool designed to optimize your sales funnels and maximize conversion rates. It’s ideal for anyone selling products or services online, with a strong focus on cart and checkout processes.

While Kartra and ThriveCart both boast similar features, their primary functions differ significantly. Kartra caters to solopreneurs, course creators, coaches, and small businesses looking to establish, scale, or promote their online presence. Kartra provides an all-in-one solution, streamlining online marketing with ready-to-launch campaigns and robust lead automations, eliminating the need for multiple tools.

ThriveCart, in contrast, excels in the checkout and sales process. It is designed for marketers and business owners looking to maximize sales with a powerful cart system, offering features for cart optimization, upsells, and downsells.

Kartra vs. ThriveCart tools for creating content

Memberships and courses
Unlimited pages
Unlimited products
Interactive video features
Funnel mapping
Native surveys & quizzes
Native webinar integration

Memberships and Courses

Kartra supports memberships and courses, offering creators robust tools for content delivery, progress tracking, automation, and drip scheduling, enhancing its utility for educational content. ThriveCart does not offer built-in membership or course creation tools as it is mainly a payment platform.

Unlimited Landing Pages

Kartra provides unlimited landing pages, catering to extensive marketing campaigns and diverse web presences. ThriveCart does not include landing page creation.


Kartra includes extensive form capabilities for lead capture and customer engagement. ThriveCart lacks built-in form creation, focusing instead on checkout optimization.

Unlimited Products

Both Kartra and ThriveCart allow the creation of unlimited products, ideal for businesses with a wide range of offerings.

Interactive Video Features

Kartra includes interactive video features like calls-to-action and overlays, which are natively absent in ThriveCart.

Funnels and Funnel Mapping 

Kartra offers robust funnel creation and mapping tools, whereas ThriveCart provides limited funnel capabilities and is primarily focused on checkout optimization.

Native Surveys & Quizzes 

Kartra offers built-in surveys and quizzes. ThriveCart does not offer these features natively.

Native Webinar Integration 

Kartra includes native webinar integration for both live and automated webinars. ThriveCart does not have native webinar functionality.

Kartra vs. ThriveCart tools for digital marketing

Lead capture
Lead management
Sales management
Funnels and campaigns
Unlimited email
Product coupons & upsells
Product downsells
Native SMS integration
Multi-Step checkout pages
Native calendar integration
Funnel simulation
Real-time funnel analytics

Lead Capture

Kartra excels in lead capture and engagement with sequence customizations, whereas ThriveCart focuses on the checkout process and does not include lead capture features.

Lead Management

Kartra offers comprehensive lead management with tagging, scoring, and segmentation. ThriveCart does not include lead management features.

Sales Management

Both platforms offer sales management capabilities, but Kartra provides a more comprehensive suite including CRM tools.

Funnels and Campaigns

Kartra offers robust funnels and customizable campaigns, while ThriveCart provides limited funnel capabilities focused on the checkout process.

Unlimited Email

Kartra supports unlimited email campaigns, a feature not offered by ThriveCart.

Product Coupons and Upsells

Both Kartra and ThriveCart offer the ability to create product coupons and upsells directly enhancing sales strategies.

Product Downsells

Both platforms offer downsell features to maximize sales opportunities.

Native SMS Integration

Kartra includes native SMS integration, which ThriveCart lacks.

Multi-Step Checkout Pages

Both Karta and ThriveCart excel with customizable multi-step checkout pages to enhance the customer purchasing experience.

Native Calendar Integration

Kartra offers calendar functionality for appointment scheduling and syncing with external calendars. ThriveCart does not have this feature, natively.

Funnel Simulation

Only Kartra offers a funnel simulation tool, enabling effective marketing planning by discovering new ways to streamline sales.

Real-Time Funnel Analytics

Kartra provides real-time funnel analytics, while ThriveCart focuses on detailed cart and checkout analytics.

Kartra vs. ThriveCart tools for scaling your business

Course Analytics
Automated email sequences
Affiliate management
Helpdesk support
Helpdesk live chat

Course Analytics

Kartra offers comprehensive customer analytics for user behavior, marketing performance, and course engagement. ThriveCart does not provide course analytics.

Automated Email Sequences

Kartra enables intuitive, targeted, time-based automated workflows for email marketing, which ThriveCart does not support natively.

Affiliate Management

Both platforms offer affiliate management, but Kartra provides a more streamlined and comprehensive affiliate management system.

Helpdesk Support and Live Chat

Kartra offers built-in helpdesk support and live chat for its platform. ThriveCart does not offer these features.

Kartra vs. ThriveCart advanced tools for larger businesses

API access
Custom code page
Advanced automations
Agency capacity

Both Kartra and ThriveCart offer API access for integration with external applications, enabling more customizations within their platforms. However, Kartra also includes custom code pages, advanced automations, and features that support agency capacities, which ThriveCart lacks.

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