From Mom to Mogul: Fo Alexander’s Business Journey as a Mompreneur Coach

Are you a busy entrepreneur trying to juggle business responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed? Meet Fo Alexander, a marketing consultant and financial educator who has mastered the art of balancing business with personal life, thanks to Kartra’s time-saving tools.

About Fo Alexander

Fo wears many hats. She is a seasoned financial educator, a savvy marketing consultant, and a dedicated mother. She started her career teaching people how to manage debt and quickly realized the largely underserved population of parents needed help to become financially free while focusing on their families.

Today, Fo offers support to individuals who want to launch or grow their own coaching programs or online businesses. Her Monetized Mom Community is a thriving group of entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that benefit both their families and communities. In all her roles, Fo demonstrates how parents can achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship and embrace their family responsibilities at the same time.

Fo’s Discovery of Kartra

Fo discovered Kartra when she was looking to cut costs on the subscriptions she was paying for and streamline her online presence. “I looked over the features and thought, I can replace a whole bunch of stuff with just Kartra,” Fo explains. 

Kartra provided more than just a tool; it offered a comprehensive system to manage her business operations and drive consistent growth. Impressed by its all-in-one capabilities, Fo switched to Kartra, which greatly simplified her online subscription management. This decision opened a new chapter in her business and set the stage for her growth.

Mompreneur Fo Alexander discussing Kartra's all in one marketing platform

Fo’s Marketing Challenges

Before Kartra, Fo’s business setup involved multiple tools that were frustrating to manage and often malfunctioned. “[When you have to] connect all these systems to talk to each other… there are more chances for something to break,” Fo shared. Managing these tools was not only technically challenging, but also a significant drain on her time — the rarest resource for any entrepreneur, particularly a mom.

Fo’s Kartra Solution

For Fo, Kartra was a significant upgrade to her business and lifestyle. By consolidating the functions of at least five different tools, including email marketing, membership sites, and landing pages, Kartra was a game changer. It saved Fo money reducing the need for multiple subscriptions but also gave her more time to focus on high-level strategy for her business. Most importantly, it allowed her to spend more quality time with her family.

Mompreneur Fo Alexander explains how Kartra is the best platform she has used online.

Why Kartra Stands Out

Kartra offered extensive benefits that have transformed Fo’s business. 

All-in-One Platform

Kartra replaced multiple tools for Fo, simplifying everything into one platform.

Data Analytics

Kartra easily provided powerful analytics for Fo to review. “Kartra allows me to just see it at a glance, which allows me to operate my business a lot more efficiently,” she praises.


The integrated nature of Kartra’s suite of tools meant fewer technical failures, which provided Fo a more reliable operating system to run her business on.

Automation and Efficiency

Kartra automated many of Fo’s business processes, freeing up her time for strategy, growth, and family.

Reach More Moms

Now it’s easier for Fo to support more moms and grow her community without getting overwhelmed.

Growing to New Levels with Kartra

Since using Kartra, Fo’s business has not just grown — it has transformed. “My business is completely different and much bigger than what it was when I started,” she reflects. She has expanded her consulting and coaching services, diversified her audience, and increased her influence, as demonstrated by features in Yahoo Finance, the Penny Hoarder, BuzzFeed, and more.

Fo’s Advice to Others

Fo strongly endorses Kartra for other entrepreneurs, especially moms. “Do it. Get it. It will save you so much time,” she advises. She reassures those hesitant about switching platforms that Kartra’s features and supportive customer service make it worthwhile.

Transform Your Business

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