Pickleball Profits: How Simon Lovell Serves Up Success with His Online Community Picklepreneurs

Sometimes the biggest obstacles pave the way for our greatest achievements. Simon Lovell’s story is proof. After facing significant health challenges, he discovered Kartra and transformed not just his business, but his life.

Simon Lovell: International Entrepreneur

Simon’s journey began  in England, but his entrepreneurial spirit led him to San Diego, where he transformed his business approach. 

Initially helping personal trainers scale their businesses, Simon’s path took a pivotal turn towards mentoring entrepreneurs, CEOs, Olympians, and even celebrities. His unique Super High Performance process marked the beginning of an extraordinary chapter. But then everything changed.

After battling Covid, Simon was diagnosed with Guam Bere Syndrome, leaving him unable to walk. During his recovery, Simon found solace and strength in pickleball. This discovery wasn’t just a step toward physical rehabilitation. It also sparked a new business venture.

Sensing an underserved but quickly growing niche, Simon created the online community Picklepreneurs. It helps pickleball entrepreneurs scale their business together with coaching and classes. 

He had his new business idea, but his current software was causing him problems in marketing it to the world.

Discovering Kartra: A Simpler Solution

Grow your business. Change more lives.

Frustrated with the complexities of other marketing platforms, Simon was attracted to Kartra for its streamlined, all-in-one solution. “It was definitely through frustration of just a lot of different things in a lot of different places… one should just simplify,” Simon recalls about his switch to Kartra. 

With Kartra, Simon found the streamlined, all-in-one solution he needed. And he never looked back.

"I was having headaches with Infusionsoft"

Kartra’s Impact on Picklepreneurs

Kartra became the backbone of Simon’s business, allowing him to create compelling personal branding and innovative courses all within one platform. 

Through Kartra, Simon not only elevated his own brand but also empowered his clients to achieve unprecedented success.

Kartra was very intuitive for me

Why Kartra Stands Out

Simon was impressed by Kartra’s software solution for several reasons:

Ease of Use

Kartra’s intuitive design simplified the creation and management of Simon’s marketing campaigns, funnels, and more.

All-in-One Platform

From email marketing to payment processing, Kartra consolidated all the tools Simon needed to run a successful online business.

Personal Branding Made Simple

With customizable templates and integration capabilities, Kartra enabled Simon to showcase his unique brand effortlessly.

High Accountability Program Support

Kartra’s automation and tagging features allowed Simon to create high-accountability programs for his members, leading to higher course completion rates and client satisfaction.


By eliminating the need to pay for multiple software platforms, Kartra helped Simon save on overhead costs without sacrificing functionality.

Growth and Success with Kartra

Simon’s innovative use of Kartra has led to significant growth in his business. By optimizing his content after analyzing the data on course completion rates, he improves his clients’ outcomes, which is what his business is all about.

His focus on accountability and client success has not only reduced refunds, but also opened new opportunities for upselling and client retention.

By using Kartra, my refunds went to pretty much zero.

Advice to New Kartra Users

For those considering Kartra, Simon emphasizes the importance of leveraging the Kartra community and support resources to overcome hurdles and accelerate progress.

He offers this sage advice: “Give yourself that free trial period to get as much done as you can and get your stuff out there.”

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Simon’s story is more than just a success tale. It’s a blueprint for resilience, innovation, and choosing the right tools. If you’re ready to take your business to new heights, Kartra is here to make it happen.

Start your 30-day free trial of Kartra today and discover how you can streamline your operations, enhance your branding, and grow your business with the same platform that helped Simon Lovell achieve his incredible success. Let’s grow together.