5 Steps for Building Your Personal Brand Website

1. Register A Personal Domain Name

2. Pick A Personal Website Builder

3. Determine What To Showcase (Plus 5 Important Pages You’ll Want To Include)

4. Optimize Your SEO

5. Get A Pair (Or Two) Of Outside Eyes

Launch time!

Best Personal Website Examples

Some website builders allow you to use your name with the builder’s branding attached. And it will work. But…it won’t look professional. You really want to have a unique and sleek domain that you own. In most cases, this will cost you as little as $1-$10 a year from popular domain registrars like GoDaddy and NameCheap.

For a personal brand website, your first go-to should be FirstNameLastName.com. However, if your name is popular like John Smith, this may be impossible to acquire. You have two options.

2. You can vary the name slightly. For example, if you’re an artist, try FirstNameLastNameArt.com, or FirstNameLastNamePaints.com. Just please — whatever you do — DON’T just add numbers like a bad email address from the early 2000s.

When it comes to actual registration, there are many domain registrars, and we recommend one such as GoDaddy and NameCheap that offers around-the-clock support and ICANN privacy registration which will help guard your personal information.

However, this customization comes at a cost: In order to set up a website on WordPress, you’ll need to first set up your own website hosting and install the Content Management Software (CMS). WordPress on its own has limited page builder capabilities, so if you’re not a web developer, you’ll need to install a page builder like Elementor or Themify, and then find and set up a theme within the builder. Page builders and themes often require purchasing, plus additional add-on costs for plugins or annual subscription fees.

The key here is to choose a title that includes your page’s exact target keyword, while also making it unique to you so that it attracts attention. It should be as concise and accurate as possible –only about 60-70 characters will show up on a Google listing. This can be something as simple as [YOUR NAME] [PROFESSION], or something like: Expert [PROFESSION] in [CITY]. If you can, add adjectives like “affordable” or “professional” or “reliable” to make it stand out.

Homepage of real estate brokerage founder https://melanieeverettco.com/

Homepage of https://gonzalojimenez.com, built on Kartra’s personal brand website builder

Homepage of Camille DePutter, https://www.camilledeputter.com

Homepage of Jody Jelas, https://www.jodyjelas.com, built on Kartra’s personal brand website builder

Homepage of Jonathan Goodwin https://www.theptdc.com/

Homepage of Nikki McKnight https://mcknightoc.com, built on Kartra’s personal brand website builder

Homepage of https://ellaconverse.com, built on Kartra’s personal brand website builder

Homepage of Jen Moore Photography, https://jenmoorephotography.com

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