From Zero Online Marketing Experience to $20K in 24 Hours: Thomas Rast and Gabi Neurohr’s Success Story With Kartra

Are you looking for the perfect marketing platform to take your online business to new heights? Meet Gabi Neurohr and Thomas Rast, a married couple on a mission to share Gabi’s horse training methods with the world.

Despite having no prior online marketing experience, Thomas and Gabi were determined to succeed. As Gabi jokingly mentioned, “horse people don’t have a lot of money because it all goes to feeding the horses!”

Determined to help Gabi thrive, Thomas did a significant amount of research. It was then that he discovered the exciting world of making money online. Shortly after that, an online marketing expert recommended they explore the incredible potential of Kartra.

Discovering an All-In-One Platform

When Gabi and Thomas joined Kartra, they encountered a learning curve, especially since they were new to marketing. However, their eagerness to achieve their goals led them to embrace the unknown and discover how Kartra could help them.

Thomas, reflecting on their journey, remarked, “Kartra is very good software—especially to start with because we got all of the features from the very beginning, all at the lowest price point. And because it’s an all-in-one platform, it’s super convenient for us.”

As they grew more comfortable with Kartra, they began to create content that would soon change their lives.

Building a Thriving Business Ecosystem

In 2019, Gabi authored a book that served as the entry point for people to get to know her and connect with her expertise. Their business expanded to include 14 online courses, a monthly subscription model, and 2-day virtual workshops.

Kartra enabled Gabi and Thomas to focus on serving their community effectively. The platform’s exceptional segmentation and automation capabilities ensured a seamless customer experience. Their efforts soon paid off, with impressive results.

Record-Breaking Success

One of the most impressive aspects of Thomas and Gabi’s journey with Kartra was their exceptional Black Friday experience. 

By integrating lead generation campaigns, email sequences, and a strategic launch plan, they earned almost $80K in revenue in just one week! Of that, they earned $20,000 in one day. This marked a significant milestone in their business growth and mindset. *

Thomas emphasized, “Don’t give up. Learn the tools and possibilities within Kartra, and use them to your advantage!”

A Message from Gabi and Thomas

“Kartra allowed us to focus on developing our message and marketing without the need to worry about the technical side of things. The platform’s reliability and seamless integration of features empowered us to grow our business with confidence.”

Here’s how Kartra made a difference:

1. It helped them streamline and simplify: Kartra’s comprehensive platform simplified their business operations by consolidating essential features like funnel creation, email automation, shopping cart management, and more.

2. It helped them save time and grow with ease. Kartra’s diverse set of fully integrated marketing tools–including lead generation campaigns, email sequences, and surveys, make it simple to create engaging and targeted marketing strategies.

3. Kartra’s automation and segmentation abilities helped boost revenue: Their strategic use of Kartra’s features during Black Friday led to a record-breaking revenue of $20,000 in one day!

4. The customer support team offered support quickly and reliably: The platform’s responsiveness and availability of support staff during European time zones made it easy for them to resolve issues. Gabi and Thomas were able to have a great experience every step of the way.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

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