What is a Sales Funnel? How to Build One in 7 Steps

Infographic showing the three stages of a sales funnel

Lead magnets are necessary for building an email list you can use to promote your products or services. These offers move your new leads further into the sales funnel, building more trust in your brand and laying the foundation for future email campaigns. Lead magnet examples include:

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At the bottom of the funnel in the action stage, you should track sales and conversions using funnel-tracking software or platforms like Google Analytics.

An all in one sales funnel tool makes the funnel-building process far more efficient and effective through automation and integration. With the right sales funnel software, you can quickly build automated sequences, map out the sales process, and understand how to optimize the customer journey for conversions. And if you’re concerned about starting from scratch, you can work from professional sales funnel templates! 

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