7 Lead Generation Ideas to Kickstart Your Growth Marketing Strategy

A strong sales pipeline that consistently generates leads is the foundational building block of business growth. Lead generation marketing is designed to kindle awareness of your brand and acquire contacts for you to nurture through a strategic sales funnel into paying clients.

Share Your Industry Expertise through Quality Content 

Product Guides

How to Get the Best Results from Content SEO

Educational Videos

Industry Newsletters

Use Lead Magnets to Build Your Customer List

eBooks or Whitepapers 

Downloadable content – such as a free eBook or a whitepaper – helps build your contact list by giving leads an immediate resource in exchange for basic information such as their email and job title. These long-form content types are ideal for B2B professionals to thoroughly develop niche topics that would be difficult to address in a blog post or even a seminar. 

Free Trials or Samples

Run Targeted Ads Optimized for Lead Capture

Audience Targeting

Landing Page Optimization

Don’t Bank Everything on Paid Ads

Partner with Influencers to Gain Traction on Social Media

Promote Your Brand Through a Network of Affiliates

Test Lead Generation Tactics with Kartra’s All in One Software

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