The Foundations & Framework of Growth Marketing

What is growth marketing and how is it different?

Understanding the Complete Customer Lifecycle

Core Pillars of a Growth Marketing Strategy

There are five core pillars that drive the data-based decisions in a growth marketing strategy:

Multi-Channel Marketing

Data-Driven Strategy Decisions

A/B Testing


Measurable Goals

Growth Marketing vs Growth Hacking

While growth marketing and growth hacking are different methodologies with distinct goals, growth hacking is a tactic used by many successful growth marketers. Its goal is to achieve rapid growth in a short amount of time using creative experimentation, viral marketing, testing, aand optimization. Growth hacks have immediate, short-term goals that typically rely on non-traditional media sources like social media and influencer marketing to reach a wide audience of potential customers at a fraction of the conventional cost.

How Growth Marketing Success is Measured

Is growth marketing right for your business? 

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